I am addicted to new challenges that aim to go deep to creative processes, to keep learning and to generate social positive impact. I believe in teampreneurship and intrapreneurship, innovation, creative processes and ongoing learning as tools to generate such an impact.

In search artistic and creative horizons as means of social and cultural transformation, I left behind the world of engineering to go into ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN (ETSAM-UPM), specializing in Virtual Architecture, Project & Design (Antonio Camuñas Foundation) and co-founding my own Design Studio MErino_MAza_Arquitecturas, focused on the role of users in contemporaneity.

My interest in creative acts as key parts of HUMAN DEVELOPMENT led me to specialize in “Cooperation and Development of Human Settlements in Third World Countries” (ETSAM-Cátedra Unesco), co-founding EstudioSPN to eradicate substandard housing from a multidisciplinary, productive and participatory approach.

Increasingly certain that INNOVATION processes are main tools to generate positive impact in our society, I specialized in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship (TeamLabs/-Masteryourself/), co-founding HenkôExperience (life balance adn surf), training innovation and entrepreneurial processes and creating new spatial design methodologies.

I’m a lover of origami folding, taichi and japanese languaje. Culture, Art and Travel are my key sources of inspiration.

My place? As a friend said,

Your place is where you feel passion, you learn and you can love and be loved. If one of these three conditions is not met, you must change place as soon as possible