Henkô Experience

Henkô Experience

HENKÔ is a program designed for leaders who, through surfing, meditation, mindfulness and yoga, become aware and develop the skills they need to face their personal and professional challenges.

Through an intensive three-day program, participants, accompanied by the best experts in each subject, will discover through a combination of practical workshops, group work, yoga exercises, meditation and practical surfing sessions, abilities of self-knowledge, resilience, full attention, motivation, patience, observation and leadership that will allow them to face more confidently any kind of challenge.

Why? Because the keay ingredients that make up the sea are very similar to those that a professional environment contains. Henkô works with analogies and puts them at the service of personal and professional development of the participants.

  • Location: Madrid | Lisboa http://www.henkoexperience.com/
  • Date: 2014 | 2016
  • Henkô was brought up in the first generation of MASTERYOURSELF/, (TeamLabs/), as one of the entrepreneurial projects created by Betaprojects  teamcompany.

    Henkô team: Viviana Lopes + Pedro Loupa+ Elena Gómez

    Web design: Gabriel Lago

    Mentor: Juan Freire


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  • Henkô Experience
  • Henkô Experience