A Marketplace in Refugee Settlements Architecture and Public Administration Competition in Za’atari, Jordan. [FINALISTS]

Top-down past experiences to empower communities affected by a humanitarian crisis have shown the needs to create new innovative ecosystems to be able to develop skills from new perspectives, promoting the bottom-up iniciatives. In refugee camps, once the emergency is covered, new challenges come up which require more holistic and deep strategies together with innovative methodologies of high impact to make camps to be sustainable at long term and people self-reliant. Za’atari has a great human potential to respond to its own problems. This potential needs to be conducted in order to individually challenge their future and together build a strong idea of community, where the success of one means life  improvement’s conditions for all. It will also have a high-impact benefi ting the host- community. Blooming Educational Souk [BES] promotes the use of innovation methodologies customized for the refugees which will be designed in a participatory way by them together with the rest of the stakeholders.The lack of livelihood and the need for higher education inside the camp make diffi cult for refugees to visualise a prosperous future. These, added together to the bad conditions of the urban infrastructures, the scarcity of energy and technology, the minor role of the women businesses, etc…, are the main problems the proposal deals with.

INSIGHTS: BES will focus in the following insights for the refugees:

  1. a) to access to higher education, skill training and bussiness incubation
  2. b) to improve the street market conditions and infrastructures (including access to internet connectivity), creation of squares as open public urban spaces, and connection with the interior district businesses.

IDEATION: How might we promote the refugee’s skills for them to be able to earn a living and build a prosperous future as well as they benefi t their camp and host-community?

Blooming Educational Souk [BES] promotes innovative methodologies to face individual challenges to benefit the camp and host community by creating a productive sustainable circular system, chronologically developed:

1.BES Foundation: an educational platform focused on education, skill training and bussiness incubation

2.BES Company: a social enterprise which manages the marketplace construction and employs refugees to improve the street market infrastructures, create public squares and business’ connections.

3.BES Association of Companies of Social Economy: program’s participants will become members and be offered counselling services to foster business’s development inside and outside the camp.

BES accompanies the empowerment of refugees towards personal and community development.

  • Location: Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan
  • Date: 2017
  • FINALISTS. A Marketplace in Refugee Settlements Architecture and Public Administration Competition in Za’atari, Jordan.”

    Concept: productive and sustainable circular systems

    Design team: Juana Canet + Elena Gómez

    Collaborators: Pablo Sanchez Romo + Claudia Ponce

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